• Frize Sparkling Water

Frize Sparkling Water


Frize Sparkling water campaign is still a case study in brand communication in Portugal. It started in 2002 with the comedian Pedro Tochas when Stand-Up comedy was booming and becoming a new trend. We used it in television and internet with a very low budget campaign and up against big productions from other brands. The results were so great that Frize not only won Creativity and Effectiveness awards but also opened a new market of Flavored Sparkling Water in Portugal and Compal increased their sales drastically and became leaders in the market segment.

"But see also the case Frize who used humor in the campaign of Pedro Tochas. This is a fantastic set of sketches that did something amazing: he created a market that did not exist in Portugal (flavored water). Creating such, that benefited not only Frize but also competition that has emerged yet."

Agency: Publicis, Lisbon
Year: 2002